Sream 4 Halloween Costumes

Scream has become one of America’s favorite slasher movies. When it was first released in 1996 Scream instantly became a cult classic and became one of the highest grossing slasher movies of all time! Some of this was attributed to the fact that successful movie actors and actresses were cast in the roles of the film! Since the original Scream they have released more version and they are currently releasing Scream 4 for 2011! It will surely be a hit this halloween and is a great reason to put on the Ghostface killer costume for Halloween!

Scream 4 Child Costume
As with most scary costumes the kids also want to take part. That’s the reason you can get the Scream 4 child costume. It includes a black hooded robe, matching belt, and contrast white character mask. The kids will definitely love the costume!

Sexy Scream 4 Costume
As with most popular themes the Sexy version of the costume is also released. The sexy Scream 4 costume includes a hooded, scoop neck mini-dress featuring a jagged hem and a Ghost Face stick mask with an attached black ribbon. The nice thing about this costume is that the mask doesn’t cover your face so you can still show off your screaming good looks!